Modern Coffee Machine Rental

When ordering coffee from us we will provide you with a coffee machine for your company, or office, free of charge! Including free servicing and regular inspections.

We rent the most modern coffee machines. We are proud partners of WMF and Bravilor. We also offer our own COFFEE EXPERTS coffee brand and machines.

Coffee Experts - coffee solutions for companies

Quality Coffee to your Office

Imagine the scent of quality roasted coffee throughout your office. Satisfied employees, quickly and easily served with a modern coffee machine. We find solutions for every company, from small offices to large industries. Life is too short to drink bad coffee!

Coffee Experts - coffee solutions for companies


More than 5,000 of our appliances are in operation throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia each and every day, all taken care of by a professional team of technicians. We have been operating in the market for over 25 years and cooperate with the most important European and global manufacturers…

Why Our Coffee?

Satisfaction guaranteed! whether your company is large or small we offer;

  • Catering to companies of all sizes

  • FREE machine rental with coffee purchase

  • More than 15 coffee machines to choose from

  • Above-standard coffee quality

  • FREE servicing

Service for our Clients

Technical service and regular inspection for our clients:


Service within 24 hours.
in Prague, Brno and Ostrava.


Service within 48 hours
Other locations in ČR

Coffee Experts - coffee solutions for companies

How to Start?

Start by choosing coffee from us! Browse through our grand selection of delicious and professionally roasted coffees. After your satisfied choice of coffee to purchase we will help you choose the right coffee maker according to your needs. This personalized coffee machine will then be rented to you for FREE!  This saves you from a struggle of a big initial investment.

Your coffee machine will be professionally installed by our certified technician who will also provide training on how to operate the machine…

A Choice of Premium Coffee

Sample our coffee. We offer quality varieties of 100% arabica balanced blends made of robusta and arabica beans.

ANGELO by Caffè Diemme

BRAZIL by Caffè Diemme

ELEGANTE by Caffè Diemme

NOBILE by Caffè Diemme

PURO by Caffè Diemme

Coffee - sample of Coffee Experts products

CHIAPAS by Caffè Diemme

Coffee - sample of Coffee Experts products

EMMA by Caffè Diemme

Coffee - sample of Coffee Experts products

ROMEO by Caffè Diemme

What’s the Procedure?

Send us a commitment-free enquiry. We will contact you within one working day.

We will help you to choose the right coffee and coffee machine that best suits you.

Rental of your coffee machine is FREE! No initial investment needed.

Your chosen coffee machine will be professional installed by our certified technician, who will also train you in the operation of the machine.

Our barista will set up the coffee machine to suit your needs. Choose from our portfolio of 15 delicious coffee blends.

Regular servicing and inspection of your machine is of course completely FREE

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