Caffè Montenero Dolce

1 000 g | Whole beans

Dolce is characterised by its medium rich body and almost absent acidity, thanks to a combination of washed and semi-washed method. Taste has a sweet fruit aroma.

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Caffè Montenero Dolce
5 (100%) 12

100% Arabica

Coffee blend origins



Coffee variety Yellow Bourbon from the area Fazenda Rainha in the Mogiana region, with slight notes of dried fruit and cocoa. Growing altitudes 1100–1500 meters.
Arabica varieties Caturra and Java grown at Limoncillo farm in altitudes 850–1150 meters, with a chocolate and exotic fruit aroma.
Long Berry coffee variety from Zege region, with raspberry and raisin flavours. Growing altitudes 1850 meters.

Aromatic profile

Roasting profile: Medium/light

How to prepare a single shot espresso


8,5 g

Brew temperature

93 °C

Brew time

22–28 sec

Beverage weight

16 g

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